Why Does The NSE IPO Remain In Hype Among Retail Investors?


The National Stock Exchange(NSE) is all set to launch its IPO; however, the company has not yet revealed the issue size or date yet. In December 2016, NSE filed for an IPO with SEBI, but the SEBI chairman denied its papers after finding NSE’s involvement with the Anglo trading scam. Then, in 2019, SEBI charged senior NSE officers to pay around Rs. 1,000 crores. Meanwhile, SEBI allowed NSE to go ahead with its IPO once again. Since NSE stock is among the top unlisted stocks in India, early investment in its unlisted shares will help investors reap investment benefits once the company goes public. Let’s talk about why the NSE IPO is in hype among retail investors in India. 

NSE Unlisted Shares To Be On The Top Five Shares 

According to the stock market analysts, NSE shares have remained in the top five shares in the unlisted share market in terms of monthly turnover. NSE has left behind Reliance Retail and Tata Technologies, attracting retail investors to invest in its unlisted shares. Many stock brokers believe that NSE shares depict all the features of a multi-bagger via its monopoly status, robust earning growth, attractive valuation, and clean promoters. 

Therefore, the demand for NSE pre-IPO shares in the unlisted share market increased since March 2023 after the company announced a dividend of Rs. 80 per share and reported better than expected. In terms of the company’s financial performance, NSE’s revenue surged to Rs. 12,765 crore in FY23 from Rs. 8,873 crore in FY22. The revenue is increased due to the increase in the volumes of futures and trading options. 

In addition, the net profit surged to Rs. 7,356 crore in FY23 against Rs. 5,198 crore in FY22. The revenue and profit of the company reflect strong financial performance with a commitment to rewarding its shareholders and investors. 

Why NSE’s IPO Is In Hype? 

The tremendous performance of the NSE in FY23 is one of the main reasons why the NSE’s IPO is in hype among retail investors. Every investor is attracted towards the company, which shows positive financial growth as that company would be able to offer a high return on their investment. This is why NSE unlisted shares have become a top-preferred investment option among inventors. The best thing is that the NSE share price increased from Rs. 2,890 to Rs. 3,276 per equity share, which is now available at Rs. 3,600 per equity share. Since the IPO announcement, NSE invited all retail investors to buy its unlisted shares and get access to its first sale of IPO shares. However, NSE has yet to reveal IPO details, valuation, lot size, etc. 

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